tonun 最新アー写


広島県出身 / 6月12日生まれ / A型
2022年、Spotifyが選ぶ次世代アーティスト「Spotify RADAR:Early Noise 2022」に選出。
「嘘寝」、「真夏の恋は気まぐれ」、「Sugar Magic」と配信リリースを続け、自身初となるLive Tour「tonun 1st Live Tour 2022」を開催。全公演SOLD OUTとなる。
11月からは2nd Tour「tonun 2nd tour 2022-2023」を開催。

Born in Hiroshima Japan
Tonun is a singer-songwriter with a sweet, smoky voice and groovy, comfortable tracks.
With his characteristic sweet voice and absolute sense of melody, she creates her own unique worldview by combining her sound, which is strongly influenced by Western music.
In October 2020, he posted his first work, “Last Love Magic” on a video-sharing website and began his activities.
In 2021, he released three EPs throughout the year with monthly releases, releasing his works at an astonishing speed.
In 2022, he was selected for Spotify RADAR: Early Noise 2022, the next generation of artists chosen by Spotify.
He continued to release “feigned sleep”, “Midsummer Love”, and “Sugar Magic”, and held his first live tour “tonun 1st Live Tour 2022”. All shows were SOLD OUT.
In November, he held his second tour “tonun 2nd tour 2022-2023”.
On June 14, 2023, the long-awaited first album “intro” was released.