tonun 最新アー写


同年1月にYouTube公開した「今夜のキスで」のMusic Videoは100万再生を超え話題に、YouTubeがこれからの活躍を期待するアーティスト支援プログラム「YouTube Music Sessions」に選出され注目を集める。
そして2022年、Spotifyが選ぶ次世代アーティスト「Spotify RADAR:Early Noise 2022」に選出。
2022年6月には、自身初となるLive Tour「tonun 1st Live Tour 2022」を開催。
大型イベントへの出演で注目が集まる中、今秋11月から2nd Tour「tonun 2nd tour 2022-2023」の開催が決定している。

2023年2月15日配信SG「Friday Night」でユニバーサルシグマよりメジャーデビュー。

tonun is a singer-songwriter with a sweet, smoky voice and groovy, comfortable tracks.
In October 2020, he posted his first work “Last Love Magic” on YouTube to start his career.
In 2021, he released three EPs throughout the year with monthly releases at an astonishing speed.
In January of the same year, his YouTube music video for “With a Kiss Tonight” garnered over 1 million views, and was selected for YouTube Music Sessions, a support program for up-and-coming artists, which garnered much attention.
In 2022, he was selected for Spotify RADAR: Early Noise 2022, the next generation of artists chosen by Spotify.
In June 2022, he will hold his first live tour “tonun 1st Live Tour 2022”.
While their appearances at major events have been attracting attention, their second tour “tonun 2nd tour 2022-2023” is scheduled to begin this fall in November.